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Recent Articles By The Author

Cheap Oil Puts Financial System at Risk?

The preliminary research is sobering.

Oil Services to Bear Brunt Of Price Crash

The old days are gone, or at least not coming back anytime soon.

HSBC to Clients: Get Out Of Fossil Fuels

The global divestment movement gathers momentum.

Tesla Could Change Global Energy Dynamics

Especially if Tesla's gigafactory lives up to the hype.

BP Selling Major North Sea Asset

The move is part of a survival strategy amid low energy prices.

Former BP CEO: Oil Will Rebound Soon

Tony Hayward believes OPEC's strategy has worked perfectly.

How the Majors Are Playing the Oil Slump

Only time will tell who has made the right choices.

Why The Oil Rally Has Markets Uneasy

Many are wrong-footed about where prices are headed next.

Wall Street Bets on Oil Price Rally

Data from the CFTC show bullish WTI positions highest in 8 months.

OPEC Says US Oil Boom to End This Year

Demand for its oil likely to increase as US production decreases.

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