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Recent Articles By The Author

Are Occidental and EOG Resources Proof That Drillers Are Staging a Comeback?

With oil near $60, some say yes. But what about supply overhang?

3 Ways Oil Companies Can Survive the Current Plunge in Oil Prices

How they can survive depressed prices until demand returns.

Tesla's Battery System Generates Controversy

But does it live up to the hype?

Did Low Oil Hurt the U.S. Economy?

The latest macroeconomic data provide the answer.

Is This as Far as the Oil Rally Can Go?

The oil rally could approaching certain fundamental limits for now.

Have the Oil Markets Overreacted?

Price recovery may be too much too soon.

Low Oil Didn't Tank This Industry

Boom times for the oil-tanker industry.

5 Solar Stocks to Brighten Your Portfolio

For investors who are still wary of oil price volatility.

U.S., Mexico Move Toward Oil Swap

Agreement might help lift America's oil export ban.

Refining Saves Exxon and Shell

Both surprise analysts and beat low oil prices thanks to refining.

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