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Recent Articles By The Author

6 European Oil Majors Throw Coal Under the Bus

They are positioning themselves as part of the solution to climate change.

Plains All American Must Finish California Spill Clean-Up

The EPA and the Coast Guard ordered the pipeline company to finish the job of cleaning the oil spilled on California's beaches.

Investors Are Losing Interest in Green Energy Revolution

As innovation falters, conventional energy gets more attention.

There's an Oil 'Glut'? Don't Think So

As inventories fall, consumers aren't buying propaganda.

Jim Chanos Is Betting Against Chevron and Shell

The hedge fund manager says a potential oil and gas surplus is a 'disaster waiting to happen.'

Top 4 Oil Companies for Dividend Investors

Price volatility in the oil markets looks set to continue for some time, but there are still many good opportunities for income-focused investors.

Why Shale Gas Producers Could Rebound First

The industry is used to surviving in a low-price environment.

Shell May Get Less Than It Bargained for in BG Deal

Potential problems arise with Kazakhstan, Brazil properties.

We Need a Gravity Lesson About Oil Prices

Welcome to the Wile E. Coyote energy market.

Does Divestment of Energy Companies Work?

Cutting back on fossil fuels isn't like fighting apartheid.

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