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Recent Articles By The Author

4 Stocks to Watch in the Driverless Vehicle Industry

The emergence of driverless vehicles presents investors with several interesting opportunities.

The Dark Side of the Shale Bust

The state and the federal government are playing catch up with an ongoing crime wave that has swept towns in the Bakken region in the wake of the shale bust.

Is Tesla's Elon Musk Just a Billionaire Welfare King?

Musk has come under fire for the large amount of subsidies his businesses receive. 

Oil Markets Could Be in for a Shock From China Soon

While many have focused on the production side of the oil price slump, one key importer could see demand slow substantially in the near future.

A Glut For Natural Gas, Too?

Upcoming exports could reduce supply and hike prices.

One of the Safest Bets in Oil & Gas Right Now

As U.S. shale producers become accustomed to the current oil price environment, investors should look to services companies for timely opportunities.

OPEC Is Set to Play Waiting Game

It would be a while before cutting production would affect U.S. output.

Latest Innovation Could Ignite Automotive and Airline Industries

Automakers as well as Caterpillar, Cummins, GE and United Technologies are likely to be interested.

Saudis Say They're Winning Oil Price War

At meeting, OPEC may decide to boost production.

Why Marathon Oil and 2 Other Eagle Ford Stocks Deserve a Closer Look

While many are wary of U.S. shale producers, there is still great value to be found longer term with companies that are executing prudent strategies.

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