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Lenore Elle Hawkins is a founding partner at the investment advisory firm Meritas Advisors and author of the blog, She is her firm's chief investment strategist, with a focus on macroeconomic influences while minimizing portfolio volatility and authors her firm's monthly newsletter.
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Recent Articles By The Author

This Market Is Priced for Perfection

It's time to get ready to trade in a more volatile world.

Growth Seeker Portfolio: Living Up to Our Name

As we enter a new year, we'll be seeking growth in 2017 and beyond, much like we have with our existing positions.

With the Italian Referendum, Watch How Market Players Respond

The vote will cause instability, with Italian banks the hardest hit.

Growth Seeker Portfolio: November Was a Barn Burner

The Russell 2000 soared to a record, and the greenback notched its highest level in 13 years.

Amazon Benefits From Shift to Online Shopping

We see this shift continuing past the holiday shopping season.

Janet Yellen's Congress Testimony Is, in Fact, Dovish

This testimony actually reduces the likelihood of a rate hike in December.

Growth Seeker Portfolio: Uncertainty, Gridlock Threaten Markets

Troubles on Main Street, Wall Street and in Washington Aren't Going Away Soon.

Growth Seeker Portfolio: Weak Jobs Report, Declining GDP Forecasts Weigh On Markets

Credit and debt loads, in the U.S. and globally, are making headlines.

Growth Seeker Portfolio: Could This Market Be Different From All Others?

When investors buy stocks for yield and bonds for capital appreciation, nothing is quite what one would expect.

Growth Seeker: Market Defies Logic, but Can It Defy Gravity?

From a valuation perspective a correction is needed, but the side effects of central bank largess are preventing such a move, giving us a market that flaunts all historical norms.

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