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After graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Juliette Fairley wrote four personal finance books that were published by John Wiley & Sons. Her most popular book Cash in the City: Affording Martinis, Manolos and Manicures on a Working Girl's Salary landed her a tv show called Cha Ching Money Makers that she hosted on the Discovery Channel. The visibility catapulted Miss Fairley into the role of indie film actress. When she is not writing for The Street and MainStreet, Miss Fairley is pursuing acting. If the Manhattan resident looks familiar, it may be because you saw her play a co-starring role in the vampire comedy Summer of Blood, which is currently airing on Showtime TV. Juliette writes about travel, entertainment, retirement, investing, millennial finance, real estate, elder financial abuse, guardianship reform, debt, the business of marijuana legalization and many other topics. Part of her publishing career has included being on Steve Forbes' ghost writing team and writing about entertainment for Variety, the Hollywood Bible.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Drug Delivery May Make Transformation in Light of Marijuana Economy

Panelists discussing the cannabis economy touted vaporizing devices as a more effective way to ingest medicine because it hits the bloodstream directly and bypasses the stomach.

How to Build Canada's Largest Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

Creative Edge Nutrition is building a super-grow facility called CEN Biotech in Ontario that plans to sell 1.3 million pounds of marijuana a year in Canadian, Uruguay and Israel.

Why 37% Feel Ashamed About Debt: Money Can Embarrass You

37% of consumers say they feel shame when asked about their credit card debt, and 30% saying they feel outright embarrassed when disclosing it.

Online Savings Banks Are Giving the Stock Market a Run For Its Money

Even though returns exceeded thirty percent in 2013, a Bankrate study found seventy three percent of Americans are not more inclined to invest in equities.

The Fabulously Wealthy Do This More Than Less Affluent Demographics

A Spectrem Group study found that investors worth more than $5 million are 39% more likely to take a Caribbean, Alaskan or European cruise in their lifetime.

Marijuana Stocks Still Suffer Increased Scrutiny and Dank Doubts

The cannabis penny stock community is still reeling two weeks after the Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading on marijuana company GrowLife.

Millennials: Don't Bank on Retiring Boomer Parents

About 49% of baby boomers who feel confident about achieving their ideal retirement have a lifestyle plan in place, and those plans include buying a vacation or beach house.

The LinkedIn of Marijuana Connects Job Seekers With Cannabis Employers

Intelligent Living is a platform company with four subsidiaries, including one called It's the LinkedIn for professionals in the cannabis industry.

Millennials Are the Most Disciplined Financial Planners in the U.S.

Though Millennials get a bad rap, they're financially prudent. And feeling financially secure is nearly half the battle of becoming financial secure, as Gen Y-ers have learned.

Foreign Real Estate In These Markets Will Diversify Your Portfolio

Looking to diversify your portfolio? Search no further than foreign real estate. Panama, Paris and Uruguay are among the top three markets overseas with prime real estate.

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