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After graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Juliette Fairley wrote four personal finance books that were published by John Wiley & Sons. Her most popular book Cash in the City: Affording Martinis, Manolos and Manicures on a Working Girl's Salary landed her a tv show called Cha Ching Money Makers that she hosted on the Discovery Channel. The visibility catapulted Miss Fairley into the role of indie film actress. When she is not writing for The Street and MainStreet, Miss Fairley is pursuing acting. If the Manhattan resident looks familiar, it may be because you saw her play a co-starring role in the vampire comedy Summer of Blood, which is currently airing on Showtime TV. Juliette writes about travel, entertainment, retirement, investing, millennial finance, real estate, elder financial abuse, guardianship reform, debt, the business of marijuana legalization and many other topics. Part of her publishing career has included being on Steve Forbes' ghost writing team and writing about entertainment for Variety, the Hollywood Bible.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Paris, France on a Budget Can Be Fun With These Top Travel Secrets

Traveling to Paris? Do it on a budget and save more money for retirement.

Uncovering Hidden Divorce Assets Can Be a Tricky Game to Play

Divorce is difficult but it's even harder when a spouse has stashed away some money. Outsmart your ex by reviewing all credit card statements and beware of phony bill collectors.

Why These A-List Celebrities Have Higher Growth Than the Dow

While male movie stars earn the most on average per film at 51-years-old, female movie stars peak at 34. Age isn't the only factor that impacts financial standing in Hollywood.

Florida Pot Legislation Relies on Your Grandparents' Medical Needs

The sunshine state is unique in the national trend toward legalization because of its large number of retirees and the aging patient population of medical marijuana users.

Recent Graduates Suffer Devastating Unemployment Rates

Millennial students want it all. They even expect to find a good job straight out of college. But the truth is for workers under 25 the unemployment rate is nearly 15%.

VA Hospitals Fail to Provide Adequate Medical Care to Our Heroes

The Veterans Administration admitted that soldiers who've served their country have died from delays in medical care across the country at VA Hospitals.

Buying a Luxury Home? Buyers are Eyeing New England

Luxury home buyers are eyeing New England real estate for the lifestyle. A study found that 23% live in northeastern states such as New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

Pricey Country Club and Gold Memberships May Be Worthwhile for Business

A Tom Corley study found 23% of the rich have been members of country clubs. So what's in it for the average Joe? Quite simply, who you associate with is who you become.

AT&T Commands Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction Thanks to iPhones

Overall satisfaction with cell phone service is highest among AT&T customers, followed by Sprint and T-Mobile due to AT&T's higher percentage of customers owning iPhones.

Millennial Moms Go Skimpy on Insurance Coverage Compared to Dads

A Life Ant survey found that 18% of new mothers under 30 years old have life insurance coverage compared to 35% of fathers their age, even though millennials pay the least amount for coverage.

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