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After graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Juliette Fairley wrote four personal finance books that were published by John Wiley & Sons. Her most popular book Cash in the City: Affording Martinis, Manolos and Manicures on a Working Girl's Salary landed her a tv show called Cha Ching Money Makers that she hosted on the Discovery Channel. The visibility catapulted Miss Fairley into the role of indie film actress. When she is not writing for The Street and MainStreet, Miss Fairley is pursuing acting. If the Manhattan resident looks familiar, it may be because you saw her play a co-starring role in the vampire comedy Summer of Blood, which is currently airing on Showtime TV. Juliette writes about travel, entertainment, retirement, investing, millennial finance, real estate, elder financial abuse, guardianship reform, debt, the business of marijuana legalization and many other topics. Part of her publishing career has included being on Steve Forbes' ghost writing team and writing about entertainment for Variety, the Hollywood Bible.
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Recent Articles By The Author

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In Colorado an estimated 275 dispensaries are located in low income areas, but industry experts say their presence is improving the surrounding community.

Growth of Pot Plants Closely Monitored by Colorado

The process of growing, cultivating and harvesting marijuana is closely monitored by the state.

New York is Among the Top 5 Cities Searched for Pot by Leafly Visitors

Leafly is a website that helps cannabis consumers research over 800 cannabis strains and find reputable locations to purchase the right strain.

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As women continue to make strides in the workforce, they are increasingly left holding the bag when relationships end regardless of marital status.

First Annual NCIA CannaBusiness Summit Lends Further Credibility to Pot Industry

The National Cannabis Industry Association launched the CannaBusiness Summit this year to educate and provide entrepreneurs a forum to expand their emerging brands.

Cannabis Entrepreneurs Compete for Funding at ArcView Investor Network Event in Denver

Entrepreneurs made their pitches at the ArcView Investor Network Event in Denver asking for serious money for their innovative start ups.

Millennials Inheritance Not Guaranteed: Boomer Parents Overspending

Money doesn't last forever. Even the rich have to monitor spending to keep it.

Text Etiquette: How to Text Without Misinterpretation

Texting is a quick way to talk on the go but 51% have been disappointed by a text.

Foreclosures Likely Causing a Rise in Death and High Blood Pressure

Buying a home is a glorious occasion but for some it can lead to high blood pressure, suicide and even murder.

Legal Pot Investors, Entrepreneurs and Wannabes to Descend on Denver

Cannabis entrepreneurs prepare to descend on Colorado to attend the ArcView Investor Network Conference where entrepreneurs will pitch high net worth accredited investors.

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