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Covering breaking news, retirement, gaming and everything in between. Tony has been with TheStreet for four years.
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U.S. futures are trending down Wednesday morning.

Tesla Jumps After Judge Makes SEC Settlement Official: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Tesla will pay $20 million as part of the settlement with Elon Musk paying another $20 million.

Full Tesla Tax Credit Set to Expire Monday: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

The purchase of a Tesla currently comes with a full $7,500 tax credit, but that credit is set to expire next week.


Markets are looking to bounce back from one of the worst days of trading this year.

Tesla Outsold Mercedes inthe U.S. in Q3 for the First Time: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Tesla sold about 3,500 more vehicles than Mercedes Benz in the July to September period.

Ackman Stake Gives Starbucks a Jolt: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Starbucks shares are up more than 3% Tuesday, bringing the company into positive territory for the year.

Advertisers Reportedly Move Dollars From Google to Amazon: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Nearly 90% of Alphabet's revenue is generated through advertising.

Tilray Upsizes and Prices $450 Million Debt Offering: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Tilray shares are rising early Friday.

Amazon Cuts Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards :LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Amazon recently announced it will raise its minimum wage for U.S. workers to $15 an hour.

Tempur Sealy Spikes on Mattress Firm Bankruptcy Report: LIVE MARKET BLOG

Tempur Sealy jumps as a report says rival Mattress Firm is planning to file for bankruptcy soon.

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