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Doug Kass is a world-renowned hedge fund manager that brings decades of experience and success navigating through some of the most turbulent periods in market history. He is known for his time-tested analytical skills and ability to look past the current noise and herd mentality.

In TheStreet’s Real Money Pro service, Kass provides frequent market commentary and, and investing ideas for active investors throughout each trading day in Doug’s Daily Diary. He also serves as president of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc. Previously, he served as a senior manager at Omega Advisors, a $6 billion investment partnership. He co-authored a book with Ralph Nader and the Center for the Study of Responsive Law called “Citibank: The Ralph Nader Report” and can be found as a guest host on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

A Note from Doug: Current strategies and actionable trade ideas -- all on one dynamic platform built exclusively for active trades. From sudden sell-offs to sudden spikes, Real Money Pro arms you with crucial analysis -- at a rapid fire, professional pace -- to help you make sound trading decisions -- every day, every hour, and every minute. Join me and my team of professional traders for unique perspectives and breakthrough investment opportunities.

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Tweet of the Day

If the Fed is on “pause” with inflation this sticky at “full employment” — they know they broke something. — Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) June 2, 2023

Back Tomorrow

I won't be back for the rest of the day. See you all in the morning.

The Week in Charts

From Charlie, here.

Boockvar: Supply Chains Ease, Prices Fall, But Demand Falters

The May ISM manufacturing index fell a touch to 46.9 from 47.1 and about as expected. It does mark the 7th straight month of manufacturing contraction. New orders fell down to 42.6, backlogs stand at just 37.5 and inventories dropped to 45.8. Custom...

Taking a Look at Macy's

* A possible sum of the parts story? * I am long small  The former technical analyst at Morgan Stanley once noted that "there is no such thing as an intellectual bottom. There is only an emotional bottom." If that is the case, then Macy's may have m...

Two Adds

Adding to and .

Recommended Reading

In response to my opener today, my pal Rich Bernstein sent me this.

Sir Arthur Holds Court

From Art Cashin: Many equity traders found that they could empathize with Churchill and the King as many of them were also reduced to spectators rather than participants. The low volume for an end of month trading session certainly indicates that. T...

Just Ask Bard!

Per the last post, It is NOT Different This Time, I asked Bard :) View Chart » View in New Window »

This Time is Not Different

This time is different? Not!  PC is on the cover as well.  Those guys sure outflanked Dell, their AI must have worked as well as ChatGPT and they went the way of that lawyer.  Oops! November 1998 issue...   Source: Forbes magazine Text Sni...

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