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 Doug Kass is the president of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc. Until 1996, he was senior portfolio manager at Omega Advisors, a $6 billion investment partnership. Before that he was executive senior vice president and director of institutional equities of First Albany Corporation and JW Charles/CSG. He also was a General Partner of Glickenhaus & Co., and held various positions with Putnam Management and Kidder, Peabody. Kass received his bachelor's from Alfred University, and received a master's of business administration in finance from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in 1972. He co-authored "Citibank: The Ralph Nader Report" with Nader and the Center for the Study of Responsive Law and currently serves as a guest host on CNBC's "Squawk Box."





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Chart of the Day

Household net worth compared to consumption (European edition):

Tweet of the Day (Part Deux)

There are a lot of charts that lie at the bottom of the ocean. Here is another lesson to those that make a living in grading worthless gewgaws -- remember to sell (as buying stocks moving from the lower left to the upper right has its consequences):...

Tweet of the Day

#Bitcoin hasn’t proven to be much of a short-term hedge when S&P 500 has dipped this year … mixed result was mid-February, when Bitcoin initially popped but then fell back down sharply ¿@TheTerminal¿ [Past performance is no guarantee of future resul...

Transitory, Persistent or a Third Option?

From Danielle DiMartino Booth: The YoY trend in personal income, less taxes and transfers, has seen its forward momentum stall in recent months, per BEA data; at the same time, credit card borrowing has ramped up significantly, posting the first gai...

Sold SPY Long Rental

I sold out my long rental near the close. After averaging down throughout the market schmeissing -- I ended losing a small amount. Thanks for reading my Diary today Enjoy your evening. Be safe.

I Bought Stocks and Covered a Lot of Shorts Today

I strongly suspect that Fed Chairman Powell will say nothing in regard to the taper on Wednesday... he has loads of "cover" with Delta, the debt ceiling, pockets of commodity weakness, and now China...  While I am not sure that his dovish comments w...

The Grind Lower

It is my view that a lot of today's selling, and grind lower, can be explained here.

Tweet of the Day (Part Trois)

Nomura vol control update: a -3.0% closing move implies a sale of -$62.9B de-allocation of US Eq futures; a -2.0% is -$40.0B; -1.5% is -$15.3B; -1.0% is -$5.0B — zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 20, 2021

Making 3 Bids

I am bidding for , , and slightly below the market.

Short Moves

I am covering a portion of my positions in the following shorts now: , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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