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Doug Kass is a world-renowned hedge fund manager that brings decades of experience and success navigating through some of the most turbulent periods in market history. He is known for his time-tested analytical skills and ability to look past the current noise and herd mentality.

In TheStreet’s Real Money Pro service, Kass provides frequent market commentary and, and investing ideas for active investors throughout each trading day in Doug’s Daily Diary. He also serves as president of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc. Previously, he served as a senior manager at Omega Advisors, a $6 billion investment partnership. He co-authored a book with Ralph Nader and the Center for the Study of Responsive Law called “Citibank: The Ralph Nader Report” and can be found as a guest host on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

A Note from Doug: Current strategies and actionable trade ideas -- all on one dynamic platform built exclusively for active trades. From sudden sell-offs to sudden spikes, Real Money Pro arms you with crucial analysis -- at a rapid fire, professional pace -- to help you make sound trading decisions -- every day, every hour, and every minute. Join me and my team of professional traders for unique perspectives and breakthrough investment opportunities.

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Recent Articles By The Author

First Time, Long Time

I have completely eliminated my AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF common and options this afternoon.

Market Neutral

I have moved from net short to market neutral this afternoon.

A Ludacris Surprise

* Let's add this Surprise (#11) to my 10 Surprises for 2023!  * With probability far higher than many expect...  As you all know, I occasionally make really stupid market forecasts - usually looking for an intraday reversal from a deep oversold or d...

Prices of New Houses Drop, Sales Drop, Supply Jumps

Wolf Street howls about the downturn in home prices and activity.

Recommended Viewing

* And its free!  ... Dan Nathan and Guy Adami's Mkt Call.  Run don't walk to watch this value added daily broadcast on YouTube. I watch every day!

Subscriber Comment of the Day (and My Response)

Dean T  Dougie, you thinking about starting to get a bit more aggressive around where should be support SPY 425-26 or just let this play out? Looks terrible to me. Likely opportunity coming for short term long rental. I'm waiting for now. News flow ...

Some Midday Observations

* That are "no bueno"  1. The yield on the one year Treasury is now 5.47%. A 6% yield did the trick in October, 1987. 2. Net 52 week lows. Now at 270. 400 usually does it. 3. Action in Estee Lauder . Why? High quality company in non cyclical busines...

Late Morning Musings From Sir Arthur Cashin

Yield on the ten-year continues to flirt with the bothersome 4.50% level, but the stock markets own internals appear to be taking center stage.  The S&P has dipped below 4300 - something I was concerned about yesterday and the day before. That is th...

AerCap Add

Added to AerCap at $62.80.

The Book of Boockvar

From Peter: Data rundown on consumer confidence, housing and manufacturing.  The September consumer confidence index from the Conference Board was 103, down from a revised 108.7 (initially 106.1) in August and 2.5 pts below expectations. That's the ...

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