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Doug Kass is a world-renowned hedge fund manager that brings decades of experience and success navigating through some of the most turbulent periods in market history. He is known for his time-tested analytical skills and ability to look past the current noise and herd mentality.

In TheStreet’s Real Money Pro service, Kass provides frequent market commentary and, and investing ideas for active investors throughout each trading day in Doug’s Daily Diary. He also serves as president of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc. Previously, he served as a senior manager at Omega Advisors, a $6 billion investment partnership. He co-authored a book with Ralph Nader and the Center for the Study of Responsive Law called “Citibank: The Ralph Nader Report” and can be found as a guest host on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

A Note from Doug: Current strategies and actionable trade ideas -- all on one dynamic platform built exclusively for active trades. From sudden sell-offs to sudden spikes, Real Money Pro arms you with crucial analysis -- at a rapid fire, professional pace -- to help you make sound trading decisions -- every day, every hour, and every minute. Join me and my team of professional traders for unique perspectives and breakthrough investment opportunities.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Here Comes the Weekend

Thanks for reading my Diary this week. I have to leave early today. Enjoy the weekend. Be safe.

Out of OXY

I am out of at $59.98. I plan to buy back on weakness.

OXY Cleaning

Sold another third of my at $59.90. Now small-sized.

Subscriber Comment of the Day (Part Deux)

Randy 13 minutes ago Back over 9 for ELAN We all hopeful it holds And there will be joy in gnomeville For being so bold 

Tweet of the Day (Part Five)

It's a good thing no one big is chasing Tech... > streak of net buying in global Info Tech stocks is the largest over any 4-week period since Feb '21 and ranks in the 99th percentile vs. the past 10 years -Goldman — Keith McCullough (@KeithMcCulloug...

Selling Some OXY

I sold 1/3 of my Occidental Petroleum at $59.88 and sold some out-of-the-money calls against the common.

Subscriber Comment of the Day

Randy an hour ago JPMorgan Chase & Co's (JPM) President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Pinto said loan demand is declining at a time when regional and small banks are also tightening credit. "There is no doubt that regional banks and smaller ban...

No Mercy No Malice

Professor Galloway's No Mercy No Malice.

Update on My Disney Position

I am halving my Disney position again above $91.

Right Idea, Poor Execution

I had the right idea in Macy's yesterday -- but I executed poorly as I initiated only a small position.

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