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Adam B. Scott

Adam B. Scott is a co-founder of Argyle Capital Partners. A veteran of Morgan Stanley and UBS Wealth Management in Beverly Hills, Adam uses his extensive market knowledge and macro-level analysis to implement customized solutions for high net worth investors.

Adam is a graduate of Tufts University in Boston where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Finance, captained the Men’s Varsity Tennis Team, and served on the Senior Leadership Committee. Today Adam is still an avid tennis player and skier, and volunteers his free time to the Fulfillment Fund, the Tufts Alumni Association and coaching local youth sports.

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Recent Articles By The Author

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It is at times like this that opportunities occur.

Stop Worrying About the Bear Market

It is at times like this that opportunities occur.

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These funds pay more than Treasuries, whose yields remain depressed.

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From an investing standpoint, this has been a tough year.

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Its role must be acknowledged, otherwise what are you trying to do?

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Activist investor's criticism of high-yield-bond ETFs is misplaced.

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