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Jim Collins

Jim Collins is the Founding Partner of Portfolio Guru. Collins researches small stocks in his newsletter, MicroCap Guru, and uses income-investing principles to manage money for individuals on a fee-only, separately-managed account basis.

Previously, Collins spent 10 years as an equity analyst in New York and London covering the automotive sector for Lehman Brothers, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and UBS. He holds an A.B. in Economics and History from Duke University and has completed the academic requirements for the CFA designation. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Pay Attention to the Bond Market for an 'All-Sell' Signal

The stock market is always the last to know.

The Only Stocks to Buy Now Are Energy Stocks

What's not to like about US Tech stocks? Everything. Deal with it.

As Europe Spaces Out, I'm Stocking Up on This ProShares ETF

Instead of trying to understand what the European Central Bank's 'Governing Council' is trying to accomplish, I'm joining the 'Evil Empire' of leveraged-short ETFs.

Don't Get Left Holding the Bag After Central Bankers Run Amok

Let's shine a light on the evils of easy money and how to invest now that the spigot is turned down.

Don't Expect Anyone to Ever Make a Movie About Powell and Yellen

We are just not living in an orderly time in the US economy, so to predict orderly stock market corrections is ludicrous.

These Tellurian Senior Notes Are a Screaming Buy!

TELZ is chaired by Charif Souki who saw this LNG boom coming a full decade before most did.

Is There Any Doubt That We're in a Recession?

People aren't buying houses and cars, so how can the economy be considered "strong?"

When Seeking Real Returns, Don't Forget Supply, Demand and Scarcity

Here's why I still see energy and other essentials -- including coal and land -- as hot opportunities.

With Oil, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize by Focusing on Supply

The earth's oil supply is only going in one direction -- down -- and here's what that means for investors.

Delisting of Chinese ADRs Is Part of the New Cold War

The process of dealing with a delisted stock is painful for individual investors and impossible for many institutional investors.

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