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Jim Collins

Jim Collins is the Founding Partner of Portfolio Guru. Collins researches small stocks in his newsletter, MicroCap Guru, and uses income-investing principles to manage money for individuals on a fee-only, separately-managed account basis.

Previously, Collins spent 10 years as an equity analyst in New York and London covering the automotive sector for Lehman Brothers, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and UBS. He holds an A.B. in Economics and History from Duke University and has completed the academic requirements for the CFA designation. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Inflation Is My Investing Theme and Oy, This Chart Shows Why

Until the world's central bankers get a handle on inflation, that dynamic will not change. As Jackie Mason would have said, "Oy...don't hold your breath!"

There's More Than One Way to Invest and Hero-Worship Isn't One of Them

Valuing a business like Tesla is much more subjective than actually building one.

Mr. Market and Mr. Bond Market Are Really Angry and Here's Why

All this volatility does is take investors' eyes off the bigger picture. They are losing money.

In This Market Nobody Knows Anything

This is when bonds and not stocks have become the lesser of two evils.

Investors Simply Have to Adjust Their Worldviews

What I'm talking about here are the folks that matter, the people who actually invest the money.

Twitter Is in the Wrong, and Musk Must Make That Case. Big Time.

A deeply disturbing Reuters report unearths a problem with Twitter that cannot be ignored. We must all take a stand.

I'm FLOAT-ing a New Model Portfolio

Made up of floating-rate preferred stocks, my newest effort should have success that's more than 'transitory.'

Riding the LNG Wave With Tellurian

As the Fed kneecaps the U.S economy, the economics of an LNG export facility are still quite strong.

Inflation Isn't Caused By Some Greedy Ebenezer Scrooge-Like Character

Dual forces have combined to create a world in which hydrocarbons are in short supply, which makes the price of everything else rise.

Here Are 2 Stocks That You'd Have to 'Pry From My Cold, Dead Hands'

These names have floating-rate features that are gold in this rate environment.

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