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Jim Collins

Jim Collins is the Founding Partner of Portfolio Guru. Collins researches small stocks in his newsletter, MicroCap Guru, and uses income-investing principles to manage money for individuals on a fee-only, separately-managed account basis.

Previously, Collins spent 10 years as an equity analyst in New York and London covering the automotive sector for Lehman Brothers, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and UBS. He holds an A.B. in Economics and History from Duke University and has completed the academic requirements for the CFA designation. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Here Are My Top Guiding Investment Themes for 2019

Here are my predictions for the S&P 500, bank stocks, the Federal Reserve's move on interest rates and much more in the coming year.

This Is the Time of the Year When You Should Contact Your Financial Advisor

Amid the recent pullback you should be asking pointed questions.

How Reduced China Import Tariffs Would Impact U.S.-Made Autos

The biggest winners from lowered tariffs would be workers at U.S plants that export to China

Here's Why Bank Stocks Are Sinking Today

Wake up and smell what the Fed is cooking and lower the amount of your portfolio allocated to stocks.

The Markets Have Been Bonkos

The Big Kahuna of market movers is due tomorrow morning with the release of November's nonfarm payrolls report.

Why Deutsche Bank Is Too Small to Matter

The real risk for Deutsche shareholders isn't a balance sheet blow-up, it is a continuing fade into oblivion.

Oil Should Be Fairly Stable for the Next Few Months

The fundamentals are still positive for the industry.

Here Are the Winners and Losers in GM's Big Shakeup

GM CEO Mary Barra is an obvious winner, while domestic suppliers are sure to be among the losers.

How Low Can This Stock Market Go?

There is no magic valuation level that supports high-flying stocks. They are driven by sentiment in both directions.

The Free Money Punch Bowl Has Been Removed From the Markets

I am still not buying as I do not believe that we have seen the full erosion in equity market valuations from higher interest rates.

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