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Earnings: Out With Leaders, in With Laggards

Blame Apple for the earnings drop for computer and peripherals.

Costco May Have Hit the Sweet Spot

It targets bargain-hunters of all stripes -- ideal in this economy

Currencies Are Driving U.S. Stocks

The trend is likely to continue, given recent news from the Fed, the ECB and Japan.

Japan Between a Rock and a Hard Place

It may have to soon raise consumption taxes -- but at what cost?

Precision Castparts in Expansion Mode

It's making deals that will simplify its customers' supply chains.

China Shifts Course on Interest Rates

The People's Bank loosens the reins and offers a dubious cover story.

Deflation Concerns May Well Rear Their Ugly Head

And this is a possibility that's on no one's mind right now.

Housing Data Stumble Before the Fed

Building permits and housing starts disappoint some economists.

Good News Drives Corn Down

Global chicken producers hearing ca-ching.

A Play on Shale Oil Production

This maker of steel pipe may not be first to come to mind.

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