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Tech Is the Market's Last, Best Hope

This isn't very encouraging.

The 5 Stages of an Emerging Markets Crisis

As seen through shares of a South American airline.

Fundamentals Really Do Count

For ExOne, look at the 'other' fundamentals.

A Curious Slowdown at One European Outfit

Europe's macro numbers might look good, but Nestle is struggling.

Disney's Results Will Reverberate

If investors sell the news, we can expect profit-taking in the market as a whole.

Shell Is First Major to Take a Charge on Sour U.S. Shale Oil

Has the U.S. shale oil boom run into problems as promises outrun performance?

Guess Anadarko Won't Be Giving Me That Dip

I'd been hoping for a miss but, alas, earnings smashed targets.

Maybe Amazon Should Stay Put on Profit Growth

Delaying the transition from a sales focus seems like a good idea.

Pondering Apple's Earnings

The consensus already has a lot of bad news built in.

Brewing Concerns for Apple and Qualcomm

Taiwan Semiconductor's for the second half is a bit troubling.

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