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Removing GE's 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Label Shows Wall Street Reform Works: Democrats

Sherrod Brown and Maxine Waters contend decision shows 'systemic' firms can choose more oversight or divestitures to reduce their threat to the economy.

'Brexit' Clouds Outlook for M&A

Uncertainty over the vote's meaning may derail some existing deals and complicate new ones.

WhiteWave Foods Could Become Activist or Takeover Target

Activist fund Hudson Executive has quietly accumulated a stake in the health and wellness company.

Endo Could Be the Next Activist Target in Generics

Problems with mesh products and high leverage might scare away a potential buyer. 

Fed Eyes Lower Costs for Systemic Insurers Prudential, AIG

Central bank governor Daniel Tarullo outlined some details for big 'systemically important' insurers but assured that compliance charges will be much lower those imposed on banks.

Activists Also to Blame for Mega-Deal Failures

Insurgent managers pushed for big mergers and hostile bids that ended up with government challenges and threats.

Biotech Is Ripe for M&A: Analysts

After an asset price drop, large pharmaceutical companies are looking for strategic purchases.

Fiat Chrysler's Dalliance With Google Should Worry Shareholders

The company needs a partner to share future tech R&D spending, but is that reason enough to accept terms that other automakers have already rejected?

Would United Be Stronger if Divided?

The airline's chronic underachievement is seen by some as a sign of structural issues that can't be resolved without pullbacks and divestitures.

Who Is Helping Who in the Battle for Yahoo!

A rundown of the legal and financial advisers that bidders for the Internet brand may be using.

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