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Christopher (Chris) Versace is the Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, which utilizes a thematic investing strategy leveraging changing economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more to determine investment candidates, while also sidestepping companies vulnerable to thematic change. Versace also co-manages TheStreet’s Trifecta Stocks as well as Stocks Under $10, co-hosts the Cocktail Investing Podcast and developed the NJCU New Jersey 50 Index at NJCU, where he is an Assistant Professor of Finance.

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The True Spice of Life? Dividend Aristocrats

I've got a taste for these dividend stocks: McCormick, PepsiCo and AT&T.

Cheers! These Dividend King Stocks Should Continue to Flow

These soda and water companies should prove in demand, no matter what.

These Types of Dividend Stocks Look Increasingly at Risk

As we face an unprecedented decline in demand, now we must determine which companies can support their dividends, and stave off crushing cash woes.

Protect Your Dividend Earnings From Oil Slips

Occidental's dividend cut should serve as a warning.

One for the Books

Alright folks, it has been a day for the record books on several fronts. I hope my comments were at least helpful, if not insightful. My thanks to the editors that helped polish up my thoughts and conveyed them to you in a timely fashion, especially...

Charting a Discrepancy

I know most if not all of us are data junkies and with that preface, I share the following chart from Statista: Draw your own conclusions: Source:

Risk Management Strategy

This isn't me patting the collective backs of Bob Lang and myself over at Trifecta stocks, but our risk management strategy for that portfolio led us to keep several inverse market ETFs in play as we entered 2020. We had several reasons to be concer...

Reporting Friday Before the Open

As we sit and wait for this afternoon's earnings reports to come in, here are the ones that are on deck before tomorrow's market open as well as their consensus EPS expectations:  Buckle : $0.87 Gogo : -$0.56 Jabil : $0.67 JionkSolar Holding : $1.45...

Question for the Board (Part Deux)

Realizing that more and more of us are likely to be home bound in the coming days, I have another question for the regulars here. What would you recommend a person watch via one of the streaming video services and which service is it on?  For exampl...

A Technical Look at the Market

With the market close in our sights, my Trifecta portfolio comrade in arms Bob Lang was kind enough to share with us his technical look at the market. Bob...  The daily chart is a mess as you probably know, very bearish but the intermediate term wee...

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