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Chris Versace

With 30 years of cross-industry experience, Chris Versace brings his thematic investing lens to Action Alerts PLUS each day as lead portfolio manager. His daily insights, analysis, and recommendations provide the foundation for the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Versace began his career in equity research before founding Versace Management in 2005. He joined TheStreet team in 2011 as a Real Money contributor before becoming portfolio manager of Action Alerts PLUS in 2021. He holds an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and has co-authored a book called “Cocktail Investing - Distilling Everyday Noise into Clear Investing Signals for Better Returns.”

With a passion for teaching others about investing, Versace spent 9 years as an Assistant Professor of Finance at NJCU School of Business. When he’s not contributing to TheStreet’s premium services, he can be found speaking at industry conferences or at a Bruce Springsteen concert (he’s seen him 50 times and counting!). 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Bank of America: 4.4B Toward U.S. Equities

Data from Bank of America's global research points to its clients injecting the largest amount of weekly capital, $4.4 billion, toward U.S. equities last week. Per the data that makes for the second consecutive week of net buying activity among inst...

Goolsbee Gives a Goose Egg

President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Austan D. Goolsbee, issued opening remarks at the latest "Fed Listens" event, not really touching on monetary policy -- dashing hopes for some folks. If you want to peruse the comments for yo...

After the Close: Looking at 2 Earnings Reports

After today's market close we have Toll Brothers and Urban Outfitters reporting. One may tell us why the housing market has legs even though 30-year fixed mortgages are above 8%, while the other will offer another view on the consumer.  Between the ...

Our Poll of the Week

I'm combing one of my earlier posts in todays' Diary with a new feature we've recently started for Action Alerts PLUS, something we call Poll of the Week. Last week's poll showed more than 60% of respondents think the Fed has one more rate hike left...

Added to 2 Stocks

Following up on one of my earlier posts, today we picked up some additional shares of Clear Secure  and Coty   for the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

More Upgrades to Chew Over

Aramark was upgraded by analysts at UBS Group AG from a "neutral" rating to a "buy" rating. They now have a $43 price target on the stock. Cognizant Technology Solutions was upgraded by analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. from an "underweight" rating t...

U.S. Lifts Sanctions on 27 Chinese Firms

The U.S. has lifted restrictions on 27 Chinese companies ahead of a trip by Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to China later this month.

Christmas? Really

I share both sentiments in the below tweet when it comes to Costco . $COST, we love you but come on!! — Mark Abssy (@AbssyMark) August 21, 2023

Another Win for the ETF Structure  

Jeremy Grantham's GMO is hopping into the ETF industry in a first for the $59 billion investment firm.  The proposed fund would be an actively-managed ETF with a focus on equities the company considers high quality, an application filed Monday with ...

Is Threads a Better Bet Than X?

Meta's   (Twitter) X clone, better known as Threads, launched to much fanfare that has since subsided and now is starting to roll out on the web.  Will Threads continue to get better? Probably.  However, until it offers capabilities that are on par ...

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