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Chris Versace

Christopher (Chris) Versace is the Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, which utilizes a thematic investing strategy leveraging changing economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more to determine investment candidates, while also sidestepping companies vulnerable to thematic change.

Versace also co-manages TheStreet’s Action Alert PLUS portfolio, Trifecta Stocks as well as Stocks Under $10, co-hosts the Cocktail Investing Podcast and developed the NJCU New Jersey 50 Index at NJCU, where he is an Assistant Professor of Finance.

He's the co-author of "Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise Into Clear Investing Signals."

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Recent Articles By The Author

Over and Out

All right folks I am outta here as they say. Have a wonderful rest of the week and an even better Thanksgiving holiday!

Coming Up After the Close

Nordstrom and Guess? as well as HP .  With Nordstrom the questions I'm looking to have answered concern margins, inventories and how promotional an environment it sees for the current quarter.  With HP, it will be what it has to say about the PC mar...

Big Data Day on Wednesday

At 9:45 am ET tomorrow, S&P Global will publish its November US Flash Manufacturing and Services PMIs and we will be watching this closely given the relationship to revenue per share prospects for the S&P 500 group of companies. Readers can see that...

This Thanksgiving...

As we move into the later part of afternoon trading with equities up nicely today, and because I won't be manning the Diary tomorrow, here are some Thanksgiving questions for the Board:  Are you hosting or traveling for the holiday like 55 million o...

Google Layoffs

This just in on Alphabet's   Google, thanks to Danielle DiMartino Booth: Headline ICYMI “Google joins layoff trend in 2022, to let go 10,000 ‘low performing’ employees” — Danielle DiMartino Booth (@DiMartinoBooth) November 22, 2022 Not all that surp...

Cowen Hits Peloton Shares With the Ugly Stick

From Cowen: "We downgrade PTON to Market Perform on challenging post-pandemic trajectory and demand uncertainty amid turnaround effort. Our proprietary survey data also reflects a stabilization in consumer interest, but at lower levels relative to p...

Solid Trends Showing Up in the Retail ETFs

With retail in the spotlight today, let's see what my AAP partner Bob Lang sees in the charts:  There are two main ETF's for retail that traders use, the SPDR S&P Retail ETF  and the VanEck Retail ETF . They are modestly different, one has a smaller...

On Iger's Return to Disney

Interesting perspective on Bob Iger returning to Disney :  "...from a succession standpoint, a boomerang is just a band-aid. The company will need a viable successor at some point. At Disney, finding one just became a lot harder. The board has signa...

Thinking Recession

Baird has downgraded Airbnb , Carvana , and Vroom amid concerns for "high ticket" purchases given risks of escalating job cuts and consumer spending.

Tweet of the Morning

A growing web of restrictions means that a total of 48 Chinese cities are subject to some form of Covid lockdowns: Nomura. This is affecting nearly one fifth of China’s total economic output, up from 15.6% from Monday last week.

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