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Chris Versace

With 30 years of cross-industry experience, Chris Versace brings his thematic investing lens to Action Alerts PLUS each day as lead portfolio manager. His daily insights, analysis, and recommendations provide the foundation for the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Versace began his career in equity research before founding Versace Management in 2005. He joined TheStreet team in 2011 as a Real Money contributor before becoming portfolio manager of Action Alerts PLUS in 2021. He holds an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and has co-authored a book called “Cocktail Investing - Distilling Everyday Noise into Clear Investing Signals for Better Returns.”

With a passion for teaching others about investing, Versace spent 9 years as an Assistant Professor of Finance at NJCU School of Business. When he’s not contributing to TheStreet’s premium services, he can be found speaking at industry conferences or at a Bruce Springsteen concert (he’s seen him 50 times and counting!). 

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Recent Articles By The Author

What's on Tap for Tuesday

We should have a quiet afternoon once the market closes. No companies are expected to report quarterly results. Before Tuesday's open, we have McCormick & Co. reporting and we'll be interested in what it says about consumer spending expectations dur...

The AI Effect

Let's be sure to remember this from Morgan Stanley. The firm estimates AI technology will have a $4.1 trillion economic effect on the labor force - or affect about 44% of labor - over the next few years by changing input costs, automating tasks and ...

Unbelievable Fuel Economy Standards

First the UAW strike, now this:  The proposal by President Biden's administration to hike fuel economy standards through 2032 would cost General Motors $6.5 billion in fines and Chrysler parent Stellantis $3 billion, according to the American Automo...

Rethinking American Water Works

Utility pain continues as the 10-year Treasury yield continues to climb, currently 4.672%. View Chart » View in New Window » View Chart » View in New Window »   This and the prospects for "higher rates for longer", as well as the technical set up, h...

Debt Refinancing at Higher Rates

While it may be early for some, we're going to hear much more about debt refinancing at higher rates in the coming months, hitting corporate bottom lines.   Retailers and supermarkets won't be the only ones hit.

EV Sales Keep Climbing

Cox Automotive updated its U.S. forecasts, saying all new car sales should come in at about 15.4 million units this year, up from 2022's 14.2 million, but trailing pre-pandemic sales of nearly 17 million. As for EVs, this quarter unit sales should c...

Noontime Reading

As Action Alerts PLUS members know, I'm recently back from a two week trip meeting with investors in the UK and Europe. The jet lag is still having an impact, so it's off to refuel for the second half of the trading day. As I do that, here are some ...

There's Continued Weakness in Manufacturing

Digging into the back-to-back reports on the manufacturing economy in September, that part of the economy remained weak during the month. Based on continued declines in new orders and new export order activity, we should not expect a rebound to unfo...

Construction Spending

Construction spending during August rose 0.5% vs. July and was up 7.4% vs. August last year. Total residential construction fell 3.0% year over year, while nonresidential construction climbed 17.6% vs. year ago levels carried by strong growth in man...

Fed Talk

We have several Fed heads speaking today, including Fed Chair Powell at 11 am ET at a roundtable talk with business owners in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Fed's Patrick Harker is also expected to be a part of the conversation. In Cleveland, regional F...

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