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Christopher (Chris) Versace is the Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, which utilizes a thematic investing strategy leveraging changing economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more to determine investment candidates, while also sidestepping companies vulnerable to thematic change.

Versace also co-manages TheStreet’s Action Alert PLUS portfolio, Trifecta Stocks as well as Stocks Under $10, co-hosts the Cocktail Investing Podcast and developed the NJCU New Jersey 50 Index at NJCU, where he is an Assistant Professor of Finance.

He's the co-author of "Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise Into Clear Investing Signals."

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Recent Articles By The Author

Metaverse Chatter

This morning a company I have to admit I never heard of - Vuzix - inked an agreement with Verizon to leverage the latter's 5G network to bring augment reality to sports and gaming. Verizon made a big deal about a number of added features its 5G netw...

Here's Where Upside in the S&P 500 Is Likely to Come From in 2022

As we noted earlier, the S&P 500 is having quite another year following its robust return in 2021. No doubt part of that is the sharp rebound in 2021 EPS expectations for the 500 companies that comprise that market benchmark, which also serves as a ...

Countdown to the Open

With the countdown to today's market open dwindling and the start of the potential 2021 Santa Claus Rally ahead of us, let's revisit where the major market averages are on a year to date basis: Dow Jones Industrial Average: +17.5% Nasdaq Composite I...

First Data on the Holiday Shopping Season!

According to the Mastercard SpendingPulse, preliminary findings show holiday retail sales, excluding automotive, increased 8.5% year-over-year this "holiday season" with online sales up 11.0% year over year, while spending from consumers returning t...

And Now, Your Relief Pitcher, Chris Versace!

Good morning, everyone! I'ms Chris Versace, filling in for Doug Kass this morning on the Daily Diary. I know many of you are still shaking off the holiday weekend and some of you are still hunting for the post-Christmas sales either in stores or onl...

Buying More of a Play on Semis

Real Money Post Industrial Average Outperforms for the Quarter

RMPIA for the September-ending quarter is up .2%, outperforming most of the major market indexes. Let's dig in.

Let Me 'Alert' You to How We'll Handle the AAP

As we get put the trading day into the rear view, I'm going to peace out on the early side of things, because Bob Lang and I will have our work cut out for us over the weekend as we get ready to take the reins of Action Alerts PLUS. We recognize tho...

Booster Club

As you mark your October calendar for what I shared earlier, also keep your eyes on Oct. 14-15. Those are the days a panel of FDA advisors will meet to discuss whether to recommend booster shots of Covid-19 vaccines from Moderna and Johnson & Johnso...

More on EVs Next Week: Mark Your Calendar

Next Wednesday (Oct. 6), General Motors will hold a several hour investor event at which the company is likely to share more on its EV and investment plans as well as how it plans to navigate the ongoing chip shortage.

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