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Christopher (Chris) Versace is the Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, which utilizes a thematic investing strategy leveraging changing economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more to determine investment candidates, while also sidestepping companies vulnerable to thematic change. Versace also co-manages TheStreet’s Trifecta Stocks as well as Stocks Under $10, co-hosts the Cocktail Investing Podcast and developed the NJCU New Jersey 50 Index at NJCU, where he is an Assistant Professor of Finance.

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Real Money Post Industrial Average Continues to Outperform Dow and S&P 500

Buoying RMPIA during the first half of December were shares of Broadcom, Facebook and PayPal.

The Real Money Post-Industrial Average Has Jumped 11% So Far This Year

For the month of November RMPIA climbed 1.2% month over month.

Real Money Post-Industrial Average Beat Nasdaq Comp in November's First Half

Our index of 30 cutting-edge companies fell ... but not as much as the Nasdaq did.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Handily Outperforming the S&P and Dow YTD

Even after a rough October, RMPIA is up double-digits year to date -- far outperforming the major averages.

Let's Do This Again

Th-th-th-that's all folks! And that's a wrap for today's Diary. Once again many thanks to Doug Kass and Jim Cramer for letting me take the wheel today. A big thanks to Peter Willson, Tedd Cohen, Jerry Kronenberg and all the others behind the scenes ...

Check 'Em Out!

One second to last final thought for the day. While it's easy to forget during a busy day in the market, there are a ton of great services under the hood here at TheStreet. In my opinion, two that should get some attention are TheStreet Quant Rating...

Must See Thursday

As most market watchers have come to expect during earnings season, Thursdays are the heavy day for corporate reporting. Tomorrow is no exception. There are a number of key reports to watch and assess. To steal a line from Doug Kass, from my perch, ...

You Can't Stop the Beats

We've got some EPS beats hitting in the after market from Alcoa , United Rentals and Crown Castle  . I have to dig more into these reports, but based on what I've seen thus far -- Alcoa's boosting its 2018 EBITDA forecast at the low end, and United ...

Another Reason Not to Go to the Movies?

Breaking: CNBC is reporting the New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has opened a probe into MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson . While some may say this amounts to kicking a company when it is down and out, I have to say I NEVER un...

Visa Ups Its 'Reward Program' for Investors

Visa increases quarterly common stock cash dividend to $0.25 per share from $0.21. Not enough to move the needle on its dividend yield, but a dividend increase of 19% is still worth mentioning.

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