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Chris Versace

Christopher (Chris) Versace is the Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, which utilizes a thematic investing strategy leveraging changing economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more to determine investment candidates, while also sidestepping companies vulnerable to thematic change.

Versace also co-manages TheStreet’s Action Alert PLUS portfolio, Trifecta Stocks as well as Stocks Under $10, co-hosts the Cocktail Investing Podcast and developed the NJCU New Jersey 50 Index at NJCU, where he is an Assistant Professor of Finance.

He's the co-author of "Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise Into Clear Investing Signals."

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Recent Articles By The Author

See You Back Here Tuesday!

Ho Ho Ho! The S&P 500 hit an intraday high and closed at another record high. As much as I enjoyed several holdings in the Action Alerts PLUS and Stocks Under $10 portfolios rising today, I'm not moving off my view that real earnings growth will be ...

What's on Tap This Week

As we barrel toward the end of today's trading hours, let's take a quick look at what's on tap for the rest of the week:  Tuesday brings earnings from Cal-Maine Foods and the only other expected quarterly earnings report this week is before the mark...

Monday's Trading Volume

How slow is today? If we were to use trading volume in the Nasdaq Composite Index as a proxy less than half the average daily volume has traded with ~45 minutes to go in the trading day.  Even shares of Applied Materials are well below their average...

The Kings of Dividends

Earlier today I mentioned the amount of aggregate cash on hand at the S&P 500 basket of companies, and to that I'm going to add that one of my favorite investing strategies is in companies with an increasing dividend policy. Especially those with an...

AAP Bullpen Moves

Buying Shares in a Cybersecurity ETF

As regular Real Money Pro and Diary readers may know, I tend to favor investing from a thematic perspective largely because when it's done properly it identifies multi-year structural changes as well as pain points that cry out for solutions.  One o...

Lunchtime Reading

It's that time again, even on a somewhat sleepy day with stocks moving nicely higher on the day, starting the Santa Claus Rally off on the right foot, for some lunchtime reading. As we hit the halfway mark (or thereabouts) here's what I'll be readin...

Here's Where Upside in the S&P 500 Is Likely to Come From in 2022

Can multiple expansion happen? Sure there's room for that, but to see significant upside we're going to need to see real EPS growth.

Going to the Movies?

A quick poll for those who are reading the Diary today - if you were to go to a movie theater, or perhaps you already have, and plunk down your hard earned cash for a ticket and overpriced snacks, which film would you opt to go see: Spider-Man: No W...

Watching Titan International

Argh! No, I'm not talking about today's market action but rather the continued strength in the shares of Titan International , a recent addition I made to the Stocks Under $10 portfolio. I added a small starter position in this construction and ag e...

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