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Bret Jensen

With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Bret Jensen brings success as an investor and entrepreneur to TheStreet Real Money Pro team. As the chief investment strategist at Simplified Asset Management between 2008-2011, Jensen’s small long/short hedge fund was in the top 5% of long/short hedge funds for total return in its first full year (2009) as ranked by Hedgeco fund database. He currently acts as corporate secretary for Florida Alternative Investment Association, which encompasses more than 100 managers managing more than $30 billion in assets under management. 

Jensen specializes in value and GARP investing, along with simple options strategies like covered call trades. He is passionate about teaching others how to achieve financial independence at a relatively young age like he did. 

He has been a Real Money and Real Money Pro contributor for TheStreet team since 2012. His coverage focuses primarily on sector coverage, stock trading ideas, options trading, and macroeconomic trends. Fun fact about Jensen: he became a professional poker player at the age of 18 before turning his attention to investing. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

What the Fed Has Wrought

Damage From the central bank's policy mistakes are likely to keep growing.

Regional Banks Give Back Most of Their Early Gains

Equities opened in the black as relief that the regional banking system is "saved", at least for now, is buoying investor spirits, but they've given back most of their early gains. The shares of First Republic Bank  were up 13% early over reports ov...

The Fed, Banks, and a Slowdown in Travel and Construction

Markets are trading higher as the new trading week begins. There's a potential sign of weakening in the travel market. U.S. airline bookings fell 3% vs. 2019 for the week that ended on March 19. This is an increase from the -1.2% pre-pandemic compar...

Now Batting, Bret Jensen!

It is good to be in here at the Daily Dairy standing in for Doug Kass as we get off to a new trading week. We will start with an opening rant about the Federal Reserve. View Chart » View in New Window » I spent a good portion of the weekend reading ...

I'm Buying Doug Kass' Case for Schwab

But I'd play it a bit differently, here's how.

It's Not Whether the Next Shoe Will Drop, But Where and When

A few months of anxiety likely lies ahead of us, and caution remains the watchword of the day.

Looking for New Trade Ideas? Let's See What Insiders Are Buying

A number of insiders are giving a nice vote of confidence as worries about the banking system have spiked.

Several Predictions About What to Expect in the Second Quarter

The most likely scenario playing out in Q2? Lower entry points will be available for the prudent and patient.

'Exchange' Risk for the Security of This Defensive Fund

Let's look at this health care exchange-traded fund and how to trade it.

It's Just Another Riveting Day in a Highly Volatile Market

As my late banker father liked to quip during these types of financial hiccups: 'There is never just one cockroach.'

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