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George Tkazcuk Analysis: Equity Markets Back to Confirmed Uptrend

George Tkaczuk discusses the new uptrend in equity markets and what the leadership in stocks will look like

Randall Liss Analysis: How to Use Put Options for Downside Protection

Randall Liss reviews using put options as hedges

Tim Biggam Analysis: Equity Markets Moving Higher Since Last Week

Market continues exploding higher

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Possible Equity Market Bottom?

George Tkaczuk talks about the ongoing correction, noting some signals which may indicate a near-term bottom

Chris Robinson Analysis: Commodity Market Weekly Review

The grains had a good rally and there has been a delay in the harvest. In cattle, last Thursday, there was key reversal day.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Correction Continues for Equities

George Tkaczuk talks about the ongoing correction in the equity markets

Joe Cusick Analysis: Hard Hit Sectors, Key S&P Level 1,920

Joe Cusick talks about stocks that have been hit the most. The industrial sector was hit the hardest.

Chris Robinson Analysis: Weekly Commodity Market Update

Chris Robinson talks about Friday’s USDA report. The private forecasters last week came out with some high yields and big crops.

Grains Update: Continuing to Look for Opportunities in a Down Trending Market

Chris Robinson talks about the USDA Report. It is a small grains report, but there may be a trade-able move.

Tkaczuk Equity Update – September Closing Out with Some Volatile Days

George Tkaczuk talks about some of the negatives and positives in the equity markets, and what to look for going forward.

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