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George Tkaczuk Analysis: Alliance Data Systems (ADS) Nearing a Pivot

George Tkaczuk talks about some of the sector rotation and how to play the double bottom base forming in Alliance Data Systems (ADS).

Dan Passarelli Trade: Selling Bull Credit Spreads on GLD

Dan Passarelli talks about the Gold ETF. GLD shares have been falling for several months now and could continue on a steady decline.

Chris Robinson Analysis: Grains Update Heading Into the Holidays

Chris Robinson talk about the USDA report. They did lower the yield for corn and raise the yield for soy beans.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Equities Update and FFIV Setup

As the uptrend continues, George Tkaczuk talks about a trade in F5 Networks (FFIV)

Tim Biggam Analysis: The ECB Rate Decision and Continuing Economic Deterioration

Tim Biggam talks about the ECB rate decision and how the economic numbers continue to deteriorate.

Dan Passarelli Analysis: Opportunity for a Bull Call Spread in BIDU

Dan Passarelli talks about a trade in BIDU. BIDU took off after earnings last week and continues to look strong.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: What Keeps Driving the Markets?

George talks about all the factors underneath the hood that keeps driving equities higher.

Tim Biggam Analysis: The End of QE and Year-End Outlook

Tim Biggam discusses the end of Quantitative Easing and the market's reaction

Chris Robinson Analysis: Grain Rally Continues Amidst Transport Issues

Chris Robinson reviews the fundamental drivers of the recent rally in grains

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