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Chris Robinson Analysis: Grains and Cattle Market Update

Chris Robinson reviews commodity markets. Corn started to move higher three weeks ago and wheat has now moved up to a six month high.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Acadia Healthcare (ACHC) On Watch

George Tkaczuk talks about the selling pressure in this market, and how stocks that look attractive in this environment

Joe Cusick Analysis: Key Levels for Equities and Macro Markets

Joe Cusick talks about how the trends are up and three of risk indicators are all positive.

Chris Robinson Analysis: Update on the Grain Market

Chris Robinson talks about the USDA Report coming out tomorrow. This report may provide a little action tomorrow.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Market Overview and Three Biotech Setups

Dr. George Tkaczuk talks about 3 very aggressive small cap biotech stocks and the general market environment

John Carter Analysis: Premium Futures and Forex Updates

We open this week with a review of key futures and currency markets and some of the best setups in each.

Randall Liss Analysis: How to Structure Option Vertical Spreads

Randall Liss talks about a simple spread called the vertical spread. It is all calls or all puts, same expiration cycle and long strike, short another strike.

Tim Biggam Analysis: No QE from Europe and Markets Digesting Gains

Tim Biggam talks about the lack of announcement from the ECB. The market did not like the fact that there will be no imminent QE.

George Tkaczuk Analysis: Equitiy Review to Start December

George Tkaczuk talks about the ongoing run in the market and talks about some the new set-ups he is seeing.

Tim Biggam Analysis: Buying Put Protection with Equities Stretched

Tim Biggam talks about the Market starting to level off. Today the market opened a bit lower.

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