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Dr. Price joined Merrill Lynch in 1987 and over the next 13 years worked with A.G. Edwards, Wheat First and Ferris, Baker Watts. Dr. Price enjoyed enough success to retire in October 2000, but he continues to write and give investment seminars.
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You'll Be Floored by This Stock's Potential

Interface is substantially underpriced and primed for an upturn that's off the wall.

This Apparel Retailer Is Best When It's Worn Down

Since 2008, Urban Outfitters saw six big sell-offs and then big rebounds.

Is This Fast-food Name Too Hot to Handle? PEG Ratios Serve Up the Answer

We'll use this little-known equation to find out whether a popular restaurant chain is the right price to invest in.

When Fear Wins Over Greed, You Can Miss Out. This Airline Is a Case in Point

The pain of watching a current holding go down eventually drives most people to get out when the fright of even larger losses outweighs the ability to hold out for a large rebound.

You'll Find Bargains in This Retailer's Aisles, Not in Its Stock

Walmart shares are just too pricey right now.

Sometimes Bad News Means Good Buys

With the right stocks, such as Energy Transfer, hard-to-swallow headlines can send share prices down, but then later lead to big rebounds.

This Stock Is Sure to Float Your Boat (and Your Portfolio)

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is the very epitome of a classic growth company -- at a bargain price.

If I Could Only Take One New Position, This Would Be It

Now at a bargain price, Alliance Data Systems is a great bet, and ready for a catch up.

This Big-Name Stock Just Won't 'Work'

Here's why much-hyped Workday just doesn't look like a good investment (hint, it's never shown positive cash flow or profitable quarters).

Ratings on This Major Clothing Brand Make No Sense

No wonder why investors are confused: A look at data on Ralph Lauren by analysts shows conflicting advice and numbers.

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