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Paul Price

As a veteran of Wall Street, Paul Price brings decades of experience working for some of the biggest financial firms including Merill Lynch, AG Edwards, and Wells Fargo. In 2000, Price retired and has been living off of his portfolio’s returns ever since while continuing to increase his net worth through investing. 

Price self-identifies as a value investor, so you can look to him to find companies that are undervalued compared to their other key financial metrics like cash flow or revenue. He also engages in options trading and provides Real Money Pro members guidance on options plays. 

He has published articles for the Real Money Pro community daily since 2010. He is passionate about investing and teaching others to grow their wealth through his investing strategies. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

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After Earnings Scare, It's Time to Come BAX

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Let me show you the best way to play this laser technology name.

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