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Dr. Price joined Merrill Lynch in 1987 and over the next 13 years worked with A.G. Edwards, Wheat First and Ferris, Baker Watts. Dr. Price enjoyed enough success to retire in October 2000, but he continues to write and give investment seminars.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Children's Place: Not Kidding Around, This Stock Is a Bargain

Buy some PLCE shares, sell some puts, or consider doing both.

It's Time to Ketchup with Kraft Heinz

Reward appears to far outweigh risk from the $46 to $47 price point.

Walgreens Looks Like the Perfect Prescription for Solid Portfolio Performance

Walgreens earns a high mark for financial strength, while posting good numbers for earnings predictability and share price stability as well.

CVS Would Be a Healthy Addition to Your Portfolio

Since 2010 CVS Health has increased all of its major business metrics significantly.

Play International Game Technology for a Potential Double

IGT's recent selloff, combined with expected EPS of $1.20 for 2018 and $1.63 in 2019, have left its stock selling at its cheapest valuation ever.

Even Wall Street Experts Had a Tough Year in 2018

Barron's big-name money managers did not pick many winners for the year.

Signet Is a Diamond in the Rough

It's always worth checking out stocks that have plunged on earnings or other news.

Altria Is a Cold Stock That Could Turn Smoking Hot

Altria's recent selloff should be welcomed by both value seekers and those desiring quarterly income to live on.

Almost Any Stock Is a Buy at the Right Price

Conagra is a less-than-stellar company, but its stock has a truly excellent valuation.

Put the Odds in Your Favor With Bunge

The stock's low point in December was almost certainly Bunge's latest and most fabulous entry point.

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