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Paul Price

As a veteran of Wall Street, Paul Price brings decades of experience working for some of the biggest financial firms including Merill Lynch, AG Edwards, and Wells Fargo. In 2000, Price retired and has been living off of his portfolio’s returns ever since while continuing to increase his net worth through investing. 

Price self-identifies as a value investor, so you can look to him to find companies that are undervalued compared to their other key financial metrics like cash flow or revenue. He also engages in options trading and provides Real Money Pro members guidance on options plays. 

He has published articles for the Real Money Pro community daily since 2010. He is passionate about investing and teaching others to grow their wealth through his investing strategies. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Did You Miss the Rebound From Last Fall's Nadir? You Are Not Alone

This stock remains my single largest personal dollar holding. I averaged down multiple times over the past two years waiting for the moment we are seeing now. It's not too late to get onboard.

Axos Financial Shares Got AX'd on Banking Fears, and Now It's a Buy

Let me show you how to you can use options to profit off this premier growth company at a mundane valuation.

Income From Options Can Really Add Up. Let Me Show You How

A difficult year has not stopped me from booking some nice gains from both expired and closed-out contracts year to date. Here's how it works.

If You Buy This Stock Now, You'll Be Stuck Shopping at Dollar Stores

... Because you'll lose money. Here's why I would avoid Dollar General right now.

This Stock Is a Shining Star, Even in a Bad Market

Let's see why poor market years prelude better ones, and why Polaris looks bright.

Griffon Corp: No Sale...But Great Stand-Alone Prospects

Griffon is a proven "left-to-right" growth stock available at a huge discount to both its historical valuation level as well as its rational true worth.

Let's See What This Stock 'Can' Offer You

Ball Corp. offers a recycling play at a bargain price. Let me show you how.

The Key to Wealth? A Good Investment Plan

Equities have been by far the greatest path to maximum returns -- let's look at how to invest and my updated Top 10 stock list.

You've Been Investing Smartly and It's Not Paying Off. Here's My Advice

I get it -- you're frustrated with this market. So am I, but here's what I've learned from more than 45 years of investing.

Let's Step Closer to the Money With This Stock

Caleres, despite a little trip down, is among my 'Dandy Dozen' stocks, let's see why.

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