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5 Things to Know Before Shopping at Aldi

Aldi's efforts to cut costs make it a little different from the shopping experience you'll find at Walmart or Kroger. Here's a few things you should know if you decide to give Aldi's a try.

Cramer: DowDuPont Is 'Perhaps the Most Attractive Stock' My Trust Owns

New CEO seems likely to unlock tons of value.

Allergan Is the 'Cheapest Big-Cap Drug Stock in the Universe': Cramer

Stockpicker plans to buy more AGN if it drops another $5 or so.

First Data Corp. Could Be the Next Visa or MasterCard, Cramer Says

Payments processor offers 'the best value of any stock that we own right now.'

DXC Technology Is 'One of the Cheapest Medium Caps Out There,' Jim Cramer Says

Stockpicker raises stock's price target to $100.

Nvidia Could Add Another $70, But Wait for a Pullback, Cramer Says

Stockpicker sees chip giant going as high as $260 a share.

Cramer: General Electric Stock Could Soon Tank

Beleaguered blue chip could cut guidance during Oct. 20 earnings call.

5 Of the Best Tweets From Carl's Jr. Pitching Amazon to Buy Them

Some of their ideas sound pretty delicious.

5 Holidays You Didn't Know Existed

Ferris Bueller certainly loved Casmir Pulaski Day.

Who Is Randal Quarles?

President Trump nominated former Treasury official Randal Quarles as Fed vice chair of supervision, in charge of regulating big banks.

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