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Broadcom Could Rise Almost 30%: Jim Cramer

Chip giant could hit $350 if it manages to buy Qualcomm for $80 a share or less.

Why Jim Cramer Won't Buy Amazon Here

The online retailer's price-to-earnings ratio is just too high.

A Year Into the Presidency, Trump's Golf Empire Is Far From a Hole-in-One

There's no doubt he's still making money off clubs, membership fees, and events even as the golf industry declines.

10 Tips Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Should Know About Buying Real Estate

Home-buying advantages are available for active duty personnel or veterans of the U.S. armed services.

Here Are the 5 Best Hotels for Business Travelers on Extended Trips

Hotels are improving their amenities for business travelers, especially for road warriors who are seeking efficiency, easy access and comfortable work areas for extended trips.

With a Low VIX, Investors Should Have Hedging Strategy

With the VIX hovering around 10, Tom White, director of TradeWise Advisors, explains how investors can start hedging their portfolio.

Why Apple Could Gain Another 12%

New iPhone X and ongoing servicing of current Apple users should drive the stock price higher.

Futures Trading Isn't Just for Big Players, CME Group Says

Small investors can use them for after-hours trades.

Quiz - Who Did It First, Facebook or Snapchat?

Who is the bigger copycat; Facebook or Snapchat?

Why the 747 Is Flying Off Into the Sunset

The 747 may be about to fly off into the sunset for the final time.

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