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Midday Bell: U.S. Equities Trade Higher

Here's what you need to know as Wall Street heads into midday trading.

Jack Ma: Alibaba CEO or International Man of Mystery?

When he's not running one of Asia's most lucrative business empires, Jack Ma has proven himself to be quite the Renaissance man.

5 Brands You Didn't Know Were Owned by Time Inc.

Can all of Time's numerous brands survive if its $2.8 billion deal to be acquired by Meredith comes to fruition.

Flashback: Meg Whitman Tells Grads to Step Outside of Their 'Intellectual Silos'

Outgoing HPE CEO Meg Whitman urged students to continuously seek out and stand for truth and open debate in a time of political discord.

Market Is Not Overvalued, Options Expert Says

Tom White, director and chief strategist of TradeWise Advisors, says the market is not overvalued and outlines an example of a call spread for Citigroup at TheStreet's Financial Success Strategies event.

TD Ameritrade's JJ Kinahan: Netflix Is 'In a Lot of Ways' a Stock of the Future

Streaming service appeals to Millennials who want everything on demand, but it will have to spend tons on original programming.

Jim Cramer Likes PepsiCo and First Data Corp. (But Not Kraft Heinz or AEP)

Two names look good for 2018, but two don't.

Don't Expect a Recession in 2018, Jim Cramer Says

Too many CEOs are telling him that things look good.

Why Jim Cramer Cut Nvidia's Stock Rating

Its valuation has just risen too much.

GE Is Close to Bottoming Out, Cramer Says

The struggling industrial conglomerate could slide to $17.

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