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Video: Here's How Global Stocks Can Boost Your Portfolio

For investors seeking a diversified portfolio, look no further than overseas stocks.

Everything You Need to Know About Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett (Watch!)

Ahead of Berkshire Hathaway's big weekend shareholder meeting, here's everything you need to know about its CEO Warren Buffett -- in 10 seconds. Watch!

4 Things You Musk Know About Elon's Empire

Tesla reports earnings on Wednesday and while the company may be a hot mess these days, it's still pretty great to be CEO Elon Musk. Watch out video and find out why -- in 10 seconds!

Facebook Congressional Hearing: The Highlight Reel

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony to the Senate, defending the company he co-founder after Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data to influence the presidential election.

Market Wrap: China, Autos and Facebook's CEO Finally Speaks (Watch!)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average swung 760 points today but finished up 230 points to end the day. So we took the camera to the newsroom to get the scoop on what happened. Watch!

Cramer vs. Chaikin: 'Tesla - Own the Car, Sell the Stock' Says Marc Chaikin

'Let's talk about Tesla', says TheStreet's Jim Cramer. The response from Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics: 'You Really Want to Know?' Watch the video for more.

Cramer vs. Chaikin: It Would Be A Blessing If GE Is Kicked Out of The Dow

TheStreet's Jim Cramer and Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics recently talked all things market. In this excerpt, Chaiken discusses why having GE kicked out the Dow would actually be a great thing for the stock. Listen in to hear why.

Activision Is a 'Great Name in a Rapidly Growing Industry,' Cramer Says

Activision has become a powerhouse player in the video game and eSports industries, which makes the stock a buy.

Why Cramer's Trust Bought JPMorgan Ahead of Earnings

JPM is 'widely considered to be the world's best bank,' Cramer says.

Bitcoin Is a Gamble More Than an Investment: Jim Cramer

In fact, there are only three logical reasons to own it.

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