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The Market Action's Been Dark, but the Payroll Report Was the Dawn

The services sector of the economy is crucial. And it's doing just fine.

Build a Core Position in Biotech Intrexon at These Lower Prices

Following a 40% decline, now looks good for scaling into the stock.

This Will Drive Gold Short Term (It's Not Greece)

Also, why I'm contrary to the copper herd.

Grexit Would Likely Put a Short-Term Floor on Gold

The precious metals sector finally showed some signs of life.

Gold Best Performing Metal This Month, Despite ETF Outflows

Despite Exchanged-Traded Fund (ETF) outflows in gold, the metal continues to show resilience, according to data from ETF securities.

Futures Point to Solid Decline at Open

Watch for Jim Cramer's list of stocks that may look good amid the collateral damage.

Best Buy Makes a Canada Consolidation

The retailer's cutting jobs, but the real tell will be the comparables.

Tesla: Now Back to Reality

Things don't look so good in Norway.

Cheer Up, Weak Loonie Not All Bad

Investors can take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar. 

Where Does Apple Go from Here?

I remain steadfast that 2014 is going to be a very important year for the company.

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