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Timothy Collins has worked as a financial adviser since 1999, focusing on portfolio customization, with a concentration on correlation arbitrage and risk-managed growth. He started Collins Capital Advisors in 2007, which has evolved into TangleTrade Management, LLC. Currently, he operates Retro Wall Street, a site focused on education, trader mentoring and humor. You'll find him spending his days in the Retro Wall Street chat room.


Prior to joining his first firm, American Express Financial Advisors, in 1999, Collins worked as a staff accountant for United Information Systems in Bethesda, Md. He has also worked as a financial analyst for Securities Pricing and Research in Annapolis, Md. Collins is a graduate of McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College), with degrees in business administration, economics and sociology and is a winner of the Bates Prize.
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Recent Articles By The Author

As We Continue to Rally, Keep an Eye on RH

RH has been beaten down, but retail is showing some signs of life with each improvement in COVID-19 data.

Toxic Chinese Stocks

Unfortunately, we have to operate under the principle of where there's smoke, there's fire.

Want to Bash Airline Bailouts? Well, You Helped Create This Monster

You've seen the rage over how much money these companies seeking bailouts have spent on buybacks and dividends -- but let's look at this from an aerial view.

Here's a SPY Straddle Play for a Bouncy Day

Prices are jumping around, but the concept and pricing of the straddle should not change, so here's where to keep your focus.

Betting on the Small Caps

I'm willing to take a small bearish call spread on IWM and bring in a net credit, here's my play.

The Demand and Risks for Loans Under the Paycheck Protection Program

Don't get me wrong, something is better than nothing, however, PPP, as large as the numbers sound, won't make a difference if businesses aren't operating again within six weeks.

Sharing a Bad Loss and a Good Loss

You should have rules. If you don't, write some, test some, talk to others that have rules, and find one or more that work for you.

Well, What Are You Going to Do?

I'm keeping with the approach of high cash levels and selling big bounces rather than adding to strong moves higher.

Here's a Play for Chewy -- If You're Willing to Bite

CHWY and PLAY may offer insights into the effects of the coronavirus crisis on their businesses.

Trump, Luckin Coffee and Walgreens Don't Make Trading Any Easier

One act by Luckin will call into question virtually every Chinese company listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

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