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Timothy Collins has worked as a financial adviser since 1999, focusing on portfolio customization, with a concentration on correlation arbitrage and risk-managed growth. He started Collins Capital Advisors in 2007, which has evolved into TangleTrade Management, LLC. Currently, he operates Retro Wall Street, a site focused on education, trader mentoring and humor. You'll find him spending his days in the Retro Wall Street chat room.


Prior to joining his first firm, American Express Financial Advisors, in 1999, Collins worked as a staff accountant for United Information Systems in Bethesda, Md. He has also worked as a financial analyst for Securities Pricing and Research in Annapolis, Md. Collins is a graduate of McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College), with degrees in business administration, economics and sociology and is a winner of the Bates Prize.
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Recent Articles By The Author

I Believe There May Be a Trading Opportunity in Weibo

Seller exhaustion is at hand and we're set up for a relief rally post earnings Thursday morning.

I Like Target Stock, Liked the Report, and Want to Own It

I'd either wait for a breakout or retracement because we're stuck in technical limbo after today's gap higher.

Apple Buying Tesla for $240 a Share? I Don't Think So

The headlines I keep seeing talk about if Tesla becomes 'cheap enough' it might get bought.

My Issue With Home Depot? Full Year Guidance

I would stay on the sidelines with Home Depot and look to Lowe's if you are considering the space.

Here's Why I'm Drawn Toward Specialty Retail Stocks Like Lowe's

Although not completely immune to tariffs and Trade Wars, I could see LOW...escaping relatively unscathed.

I'd Focus on the Closing Price of Qualcomm and Not the Intraday Action

Buying right now, without seeing the close, feels like a greater risk to bulls than sitting on your hands for a day or two.

Analysts Following Pinterest Dropped the Ball

While the gap down today kills short-term momentum, I believe the stock can find a trading range as long as it closes above $26.50.

Nvidia's Yellow Flags

Overall, there is nothing about the earnings report that makes me want to scream 'buy the stock'.

Nvidia, Pinterest and 3 China Stocks: What to Watch and Expect on Earnings

Nvidia still needs China's approval for the buyout of Mellanox.

There's Nothing in Walmart's Report That Makes Me Bearish

The reaction we're seeing in WMT stock after its results is the correct one.

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