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Bob Lang is one of the country’s top options traders, an expert market technician, and a highly sought-after mentor and teacher. He is a private trader in equity and option markets and created his own hedge fund and options trading company called Explosive Options. He is also founder and Chief Options Analyst at Aztec Capital, LLC. He has been a regular contributor to TheStreet’s paid subscription products like Action Alerts PLUS and Real Money since 2009. 

Lang is both a short-term trader and long-term stock investor. He utilizes technical and fundamental analysis to find investment opportunities. His coverage for TheStreet specializes in options trading, stock investing, and technical analysis. 

One of Lang’s claims to fame is his creation of the acronym FANG to describe the top tech companies at the time (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). The acronym has since expanded considerably and is still widely used today. He is the author of the book “Know Your Options” and holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. When he’s not providing financial commentary for TheStreet, he can be found on the tennis court, reading, or traveling. 

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