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Jonathan Heller, CFA, CFP® is president of KEJ Financial Advisors, his fee-only financial planning company. Heller spent 17 years at Bloomberg Financial Markets in various roles, from 1989 until 2005. In 2005, he joined SEI Investments as director of investment communications within SEI's Investment Management Unit. Heller is founder of Cheap Stocks, a website dedicated to deep-value investing. He has been a contributor to TheStreet Real Money since 2011 providing trending market coverage and stock ideas. 

Heller has an undergraduate degree from Grove City College and an MBA from Rider University, where he has also served on the adjunct faculty. He is a value investor who, like Warren Buffett, follows Benjamin Graham’s investment principles. When he isn’t investing, you can find him playing the guitar, at the beach, or learning presidential history. 

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