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Dan Freed has been covering Wall Street since 2000. He has been a reporter for Wall Street Letter, BondWeek, Corporate Financing Week, Real Estate Finance & Investment, Investment Dealers' Digest and Institutional Investor magazine. He has also published freelance writing in New York Press and The New York Sun. He graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in English.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Bank of America MBIA Case Sparks Analyst Concern

Analyst Mike Mayo wonders if the case could have bigger implications than many investors realize.

Bank of America Taps Its Inner Goldman

The bank took trading risk in the fourth quarter and the CFO says he expects it to pay off in stronger first-quarter revenue.

Bank of America's Earnings Fabrication Preview

Don't expect much in the way of actual profits when Bank of America reports fourth quarter earnings Thursday morning.

Head of Washington's Biggest Bank Says Bring Back Glass Steagall

Separating commercial and investment banking would be better for the banking industry, says Roy Whitehead, CEO of Washington Federal--the largest bank based in Washington state.

Wall Street Workers, Residents Pull Together

The small neighborhood gets up and running faster than most other areas hurt by Hurricane Sandy.

Good Samaritans Offer Free Mobile Charging on Wall Street

Daymion Mardel and Angel Hernandez set up a free mobile charging station so people living in the financial district could call family and friends.

Wall Street Trading Resumes Without a Hitch

NYSE traders Doreen Mogavero and Ben Willis return to work after a two-day shutdown.

Wall Street's Plan to Bring Back the Retail Investor

From the 2008 crisis to the flash crash to the Facebook IPO, retail investors are scared to get back into the market.

5 Minutes With the Head of Obama's Financial Bomb Squad

CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler is trying to rein in the previously unregulated $700 trillion swaps market.

Forcible 401K

Financial Engines CEO Jeff Maggioncalda likes the fact that the government is encouraging employers to automatically enroll employees in 401K plans, but Maggioncalda may need some encouragement of his own in regard to the company's big cash pile.

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