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Dan Freed has been covering Wall Street since 2000. He has been a reporter for Wall Street Letter, BondWeek, Corporate Financing Week, Real Estate Finance & Investment, Investment Dealers' Digest and Institutional Investor magazine. He has also published freelance writing in New York Press and The New York Sun. He graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in English.

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Wall Street's Short Term Incentives Are Still a Problem

The structure of Wall Street compensation still needs improvement, according to pay consultant Alan Johnson.

Why Big Banks Are No Longer the Place to Get Paid on Wall Street

Goldman Sachs still pays employees astonishingly well, though private equity and hedge funds pay better in many cases.

On Deck Capital’s CEO Noah Breslow Explains 53% Interest Rate it Charges

On Deck Capital CEO Noah Breslow discusses his 53% interest charges on the day of his company's initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Retail Investors Are Getting Smarter: TD Ameritrade Strategist

Investors are increasingly behaving like pros, according to TD Ameritrade Strategist JJ Kinahan.

Are Google, Facebook and Alibaba More Dangerous Than the NSA?

The question isn’t easy to answer, says first amendment scholar and University of Chicago Professor Geoffrey Stone.

Dodd Frank Is a Piling On of Financial Rules, Not an Update, Says MIT Professor Lo

MIT professor Andrew Lo says regulations need to be updated.

Warren Buffett Likes the S&P 500 Just Fine, But Should You?

MIT professor Andrew Lo would ideally like to see more diversification.

Internet of Things Worries Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander

Saudi Aramco-style attack in the U.S. is one of his greatest fears.

Why Ex-Obama Chief of Staff Daley Joined JPM Trading Star Gulati

Hedge fund Argentiere Capital focuses on volatility.

American Middle Class is 'Under Siege' Says Steve Forbes

Publisher Steve Forbes sees the potential for a bill to cut corporate taxes to pass next year.

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