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Tom Graff

Tom is a Head of Fixed Income and a Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory, overseeing more than $6 billion in bond portfolios in both mutual funds and separate accounts. He has spent over 20 years in the fixed income business, concentrating on macroeconomic analysis. Prior to joining Brown Advisory, Tom was a managing director at Cavanaugh Capital Management. He served as a portfolio manager and was responsible for trading, analysis and management of taxable fixed income portfolios.

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Recent Articles By The Author

How to Switch to Safety With Bonds and Bond Funds

Let's see how to invest in bonds as a way to maintain safety amid threats of rising rates.

The Hawk Is Starting to Circle, so Why Isn't the Market Scurrying?

We can see a hawkish shift in recent weeks, and here's how I see this playing out as talk of quantitative easing tapering picks up.

So, Let's See What the Fed Really Said in April

Looks like there was some chatter about 'talking about' tapering of quantitative easing and about speculation. Let's dig in.

Consumer Price Index Hike Shocks, but Doesn't Tell Whole Story

The CPI jumps an eye-popping 4.2%, but a lot of noise is included in that number.

Making Sense of the Disappointing April Jobs Report (And How I Traded It)

When government data seems strange like this, it is more likely to be an artifact of sampling or some other one-off reason.

Inflation Could Rise, but Don't Bet on It

Why? It's not a good wager -- and there are better places for investors to put their money if the economy booms.

Of Course the Fed Didn't Discuss Tapering Back Easing -- Wink, Wink

The timing for tapering quantitative easing is not as far away, or as uncertain, as Powell would have you believe.

Here's Why Bonds Are Pausing, and Why Yields May Resume Their Rise

The possibility of lasting inflation is very real, and that possibility likely will result in bond yields continuing to rise.

How 'Inflated' PCE Figures Might Affect Fed Rate Hikes

Prices are rising, but the data is messy, especially right now. Here is how I'm thinking about it, and when the Fed might hike rates as a result.

Highlights From the March FOMC Minutes

I expect that stronger economic data will actually cause the market to assume more rate hikes down the road.

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