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What the July Jobs Report Tells Us and How We're Trading It

The Fed is probably paying more attention to wage growth than anything else in this report.

The Fed Will Keep on Hiking Rates Until It Has 'Done Damage'

2019 is likely to be a rough year for stocks.

Fed Will Keep Hiking Until It's Done Damage

2019 is likely to be a rough year for stocks.

An Alternative to China Currency Management

Where China needs to defend the renminbi from falling too far.

Powell Charts the Fed's Course

Testimony this week from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicates he's plowing forward with rate hikes.

Is Currency China's Secret Weapon?

Tom Graff dives into China's use of currency manipulation to push the balance in its favor.

The Fed Loves This Jobs Report, but Should Investors?

The central bank is in a new phase of monetary policy, but the market doesn't quite realize it yet.

Here's What Fed's Trade War Footing May Be

It likely would defend against higher inflation, even if that meant exacerbating a weakened economy.

What a Softening Corp. Bond Market Means

If money's already tight, long-term rates may have already peaked.

The Dot Plot Thickens: How Will the Fed React to Rebounding Inflation?

If this trend continues, the Fed's reaction function will come into play.

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