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Tom Graff

Tom is a Head of Fixed Income and a Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory, overseeing more than $6 billion in bond portfolios in both mutual funds and separate accounts. He has spent over 20 years in the fixed income business, concentrating on macroeconomic analysis. Prior to joining Brown Advisory, Tom was a managing director at Cavanaugh Capital Management. He served as a portfolio manager and was responsible for trading, analysis and management of taxable fixed income portfolios.

You can reach Tom on twitter @tdgraff

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Recent Articles By The Author

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Let's sort out the FOMC meeting, what bonds are telling us and how this could all play out.

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It's the Wrong Conclusion to Assume the Fed Is Actually Ready to Tighten Policy

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How Consumer Prices and QE Are Affecting Markets

The impact of QE is not what you may think, and inflation and rate hikes will have a more direct effect on yields.

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What you need to know about the blowout report and where markets are likely headed next.

Here's Why Friday's Jobs Report Will Be a Big Deal for Fed Watchers

Let see what employment numbers and weakening economic data could mean for policies such as quantitative easing tapering.

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