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Don't Ignore Friday's Jobs Report

Jobs can be a leading indicator if you read them right.

3 Ways to Position Your Portfolio After the Latest Fed Rate Hike

Where the Fed stands, what to expect over the next few meetings, and what the market may not be pricing in yet.

Where the Fed Stands and How to Trade It

There are 3 ways to position for more Fed hikes in 2019-2020 than the market has priced in.

Why 2018 Looks a Lot Like 2005

Apply the lessons of that boring trading year to today's market.

My Thoughts on the Jobs Report, Fed Rate Hikes

The key number here is the wage gain figure.

3 Trade Ideas Based on More Fed Rate Hikes

These next 3-4 jobs reports are all about set up for 2019.

Jackson Hole Recap: What Powell Really Said and How Investors Should Play It

Interpreting the 'shifting stars' of Fed policy.

Reading Jackson Hole's 'Shifting Stars'

What Jerome Powell said and how investors should play it.

Here's What to Watch for at the Jackson Hole Economic Summit

The annual symposium will take place this coming Thursday through Saturday.

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