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The Fed Is Probably Going to Keep Hiking Rates Until Unemployment Stops Falling

Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell is going to do what he thinks is best from a policy perspective.

Here's Where the Credit Markets Stand Right Now

Credit can be a leading indicator for equity market performance.

What Should You Do With Your GE Bonds?

What seem like very small changes in risk perception lead to relatively large changes in bond prices.

What the Market's Election Reaction Tells Us and How to Get Ready for the Fed

There is a great trading lesson in Wednesday's market move.

The Real Economy Is Booming

What does this mean for markets?

Trump's Fed Bluster Likely Will Be Much Ado About Nothing

The president's attempts to intimidate Jerome Powell probably won't impact Fed policy, with one possible exception.

The Fed Really Likes That Its Gradual Approach to Rate Hikes Is Working

I cannot emphasize enough how much the Fed values their inflation credibility.

Here's How I Approach Rising Interest Rates

Longer-term interest rates, such as the 10-year Treasury, are basically a function of three things.

Headline Job Gains Are Actually a Beat

What all this means for the Fed and for bonds.

Don't Ignore Friday's Jobs Report

Jobs can be a leading indicator if you read them right.

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