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Tom Graff

Tom is a Head of Fixed Income and a Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory, overseeing more than $6 billion in bond portfolios in both mutual funds and separate accounts. He has spent over 20 years in the fixed income business, concentrating on macroeconomic analysis. Prior to joining Brown Advisory, Tom was a managing director at Cavanaugh Capital Management. He served as a portfolio manager and was responsible for trading, analysis and management of taxable fixed income portfolios.

You can reach Tom on twitter @tdgraff

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Recent Articles By The Author

What Is the Price of Panic for the Fed?

The Fed has to take some action: No matter how you slice it, 7% CPI is an unacceptable inflation rate. Here's my take on inflation and what's ahead.

Mixed Jobs Report Is Much More Than Meets the Eye

Here's my take on the payroll numbers, how to read them, and how to view rates and bonds, the economy -- and the Fed's next move.

Fed's New Year's Resolution May Include (Quantitative) Belt Tightening

The newly released minutes from the December Fed meeting show just how it plans to handle the quantitative easing portfolio -- and how far it could go.

When It Comes to 2022 Forecasts, It's a Bit Different This Time

There should be enough momentum already in the economy to keep core inflation measures well above 3% for at least a couple quarters.

How Much Longer Can Inflation Run Hot?

That's probably the single most important question for markets in 2022.

The Fed Takes a Big Leap as the Training Wheels Are Coming Off

The central bank dropped a hawkish bomb in the press release that I don't think many were expecting. Here are my thoughts on what was said and what comes next.

I'm Hot on the Economy, Not on Treasury Rates

The economy right now appears stronger than it was 2018, and therefore should soon push yields higher than what persisted back then. Here's my case.

Making Sense of a Confusing November Jobs Report

Was this a good report or a bad one?

A Bond Market Trapped Between a Variant and a Hawk

Here's what Powell's testimony and Omicron mean moving forward -- and why I'm still optimistic despite long-term bond yields falling while short-term yields rise.

A Heap of Economic Data Is on Our Plate -- And It's Lookin' Pretty Juicy

Let's dig into the big news and reports that were piled on just before Thanksgiving.

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