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Tom Graff

Tom is a Head of Fixed Income and a Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory, overseeing more than $6 billion in bond portfolios in both mutual funds and separate accounts. He has spent over 20 years in the fixed income business, concentrating on macroeconomic analysis. Prior to joining Brown Advisory, Tom was a managing director at Cavanaugh Capital Management. He served as a portfolio manager and was responsible for trading, analysis and management of taxable fixed income portfolios.

You can reach Tom on twitter @tdgraff

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Recent Articles By The Author

Making Sense of Rising Prices, Oil's Surge, Credit Markets and War

Let's tackle several questions about how the invasion of Ukraine adds to uncertainty over rising energy costs here and in Europe, increasing inflation, recession risks and more.

Russia Raises Risk, but Not For U.S. Job Growth

Here's why job growth is still relevant -- despite the attack on Ukraine -- and what it could mean for rate hikes and wages.

Fed Looks Past Ukraine Invasion to Keep Focus on U.S. Economy, Prices

In testimony to Congress, Powell gives clearer vision of policy tightening plans, rate hikes.

As Russia, Fed Send Stern Signals, Let's Decode the Credit Market

The credit market is on weak footing so far in 2022. Here's my take what's driving the selling and why not all selloffs are the same, why there's no panic and how to find an entry point.

Fed Minutes Show Committee's on Same Page About Rate Hike

How much and how fast the Fed will hike is unclear, however, as many brace for half percentage point raise. Here's my take.

Will the Fed Douse Burning Hot Inflation With Higher Rates?

Let's look at the chances for seeing a 50-basis point rate hike as early as next month.

What the January Jobs Surprise Means for the Fed and Markets

After one of the best reports of the pandemic era, it is notable that the Fed isn't pushing back against growing 50 bps expectations.

The Rate-Hike Narrative Hasn't Changed, It Has Shifted

When the Fed is tightening, they are like a car trying to back into a parking spot without a rear-view mirror. They only know to stop when they hit the curb.

The Fed Is Driving, and He Can Hit the Gas, or the Brakes, as He Likes

Will it be two or three rate hikes, or five or six? Buckle up, because the Fed needs markets to believe that anything is possible.

To Unlock Where We're Headed in 2022, Spend Some Time on Consumer Spending

Let's talk inflation, Fed rate hikes, consumer confidence, and why last Friday's Retail Sales report is fishy.

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